Hello, World!

This is a new beginning, but it feels like I’m getting back to my roots.

From my adolescence of fooling around with old school Geocities websites to my young adulthood years of making lifelong friends on LiveJournal, blogging was a formative part of my early life. Now I’m excited to embark on what feels like the natural evolution of that past and create a new online space to call my own, a place where I can play and explore, document and grow.

Here, I’ll share about my longstanding passions as well as my budding interests, which range from minimalist travel to meticulous organization, from poetry to home decor to cooking to meditation. I want to use this space as a tool to facilitate mindfulness. I want to have a home for my memories.

I want to challenge myself to stretch the idea of what’s possible. What’s possible someday. What’s possible in even one day. What’s possible every single day. What’s possible today.

Welcome to Possible Day.